"Which brings me to Khan’s wonderful contribution from the pit. It is no easy task conducting a programme of this disparate nature: continual changes of orchestral instrumentation, style, colour and mood, without even taking into account the endless adjustments required to marry orchestral levels to a whole welter of differing voices. Bravo, maestro. If this was a competition, you’d have my vote."

Weekend Special - Deon Irish
A PASSION FOR OPERA : Angelo Gobbato 75th - Artscape - Cape Town - 4/18 

“Pretty Yende found an indispensable accomplice of her success in the baton of Kamal Khan, who accompanied her from beginning to end and knew how to guide the Sinfonica de Galicia in that ungrateful secondary role that the belcanto demands, and that is not always to the taste of the  orchestras . The ensemble of La Coruna adapted without problems to the exhibition of the young diva, and evidenced its good level in the symphonic pieces”

OPERA ACTUAL - José Luis Jimenez
PRETTY YENDE Concert - Teatro Rosalía de Castro, La Coruna - 12/17

"The Cape Town Philharmonic gave fine support throughout, Kamal Khan controlling his forces with both affection and impressive authority"

OPERA - Barry Smith
RIGOLETTO - Arstcape - Cape Town - 2/17


"Kamal Khan’s experienced hand is responsible for an absorbing account of Verdi’s score. A singer’s conductor through and through, he is a dramatically effective sonic partner to the director."

WHAT'S ON CAPE TOWN - Rudolph Mare
RIGOLETTO - Artscape - Cape Town - 2/17


"Building on the success of similar presentations in 2010 and 2013 Cape Town Opera and the University of Cape Town Opera School once again gave younger composers the rare opportunity of having their opera staged in "Four : 30- Operas Made in South Africa " Four contrasting and fascinating works were presented with minimal yet effective staging, the cherry on the top being the accompaniment by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and the enthusiastic support of the energetic director of the University of Cape town Opera School, Kamal Khan.

OPERA -Barry Smith
FOUR - 30 - OPERAS MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA - Arstcape - Cape Town 11/16

"The conductor Kamal Khan's enthusiasm for and obvious love of Donizetti's score shone through and he was given fine support by both the chorus and the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra"

OPERA - Barry Smith
MARIA STUARDA - Artscape - Cape Town - 11/15


"Orchestral playing was assured and balances beautifully judged. Strings deserve mention for their stratospheric and tautly cohesive opening of the final act; the principal clarinet handled the many solos with aplomb; the trombones managed the gruff accompaniments in the final act with pleasing accuracy. The really exciting thing was how good ensemble remained through the manifold changes of tempo and dynamic in this richly detailed score.
Khan deserves unreserved compliments both for his conducting, and for his inspired training of this wonderful group of young musicians."

CAPE TIMES - Dion Irish
LA TRAVIATA - Artscape - Cape Town - 5/15


"Kamal Khan conducted with confident flair, his accompaniments beautifully judged and he was constantly aware of the young voices he was nurturing"

OPERA - Barry Smith
LA TRAVIATA - Artscape - Cape Town - 5/15


"Kamal Khan conducted with his customary expertise and with some imaginative often tongue in cheek recitative accompaniments"

OPERA - Barry Smith
IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA - Artscape Theater - Cape Town - 11/14


"The University of Cape Town Symphony Orchestra provided lively support under Kamal Khan's enthusiastic and informed direction" 

OPERA - Barry Smith
DON GIOVANNI - Baxter Theater - Cape Town - 8/13


“The conductor Kamal Khan showed and obvious love and deep knowledge of the score and he steered the singers and the tidy University of Cape Town Symphony Orchestra with a firm hand”

OPERA - Barry Smith
COSI FAN TUTTE - Baxter Theatre – Cape Town - 9/12


“The Cape Town Festival Orchestra played with obvious relish under Kamal Khan”

OPERA - Barry Smith
CARMEN - Artscape Opera House – 3/ 11


“Kamal Khan is clearly a superb opera conductor, cradling and supporting the singers while controlling the texture, tempo and dynamic of the Cape Philharmonic to create a wonderful sound we heard all evening”

FMR.co.za - Rodney Trudgen
DER FLIEGENDE HOLLANDER -Artscape Opera House – Cape Town – 1/11


“Kamal Khan coaxed some stylish playing from the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra”

OPERA – Barry Smith
DIE ENTFUHRUNG AUS DEM SERAIL – Artscape Theater – Cape Town 11/11


“Accompaniment was provided by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, with the conductor Kamal Khan giving sterling support throughout”

OPERA - Barry Smith
FIVE - 20 OPERAS MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA - Baxter Theater – Cape Town – 11/10


“As usual, the indefatigable Kamal Khan elicits sterling accompaniment from the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra “

The Argus - Beverly Brommert
Five : 20 OPERAS MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA - Baxter Theater – Cape Town – 11/10


“Kamal Khan conducted the Cape Philharmonic with sure knowledge and a firm command of the piece”

OPERA - Barry Smith
LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR - Artscape Opera House – Cape Town – 10/10


“The performance was part of the ongoing celebration marking the centenary of the South African College of Music now part of the University of Cape Town and in the brief time he has been director of the university’s opera school, the conductor Kamal Khan has shown a determination to push the frontiers of operatic music. His enthusiasm and love for Il Viaggio was evident throughout and he elicited some polished playing from the university orchestra”

OPERA - Barry Smith
IL VIAGGIO A REIMS - Baxter Theater – Cape Town – 5/10


“The opera was presented for the first time in the African continent with vocal preparation and musical direction of Kamal Khan resulting in one of the biggest artistic successes of the season marking a new point of reference for opera in South Africa”

Opera Actual – Eduardo Brandenburger
THE RAKE’S PROGRESS – Baxter Theater – Cape Town


“The interest of the concert was complete, as was the notable collaboration of the wonderful Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, that had that special something that comes to light when there is a good communication with the baton. And there surely was one when is was taken over by the invited maestro Kamal Khan, that showed himself to be extremely sure and knowledgeable of the Verdian repertoire and the voice.  The accompaniment was impeccable.”

Sur Digital - Manuel del Campo
JUAN PONS Concert - Festival of Cueva de Nerja, Spain – 7/03


“The is to be congratulated for giving stirring performance.  Conductor Kamal Kahn’s pre-performance talk was most interesting dealing with current research on the orchestral parts of this work and the contemporary understandings and interpretations”

The Argus - Carl Fourie
NABUCCO – Cape Town Opera – 5/03


“The orchestra conducted by Kamal Khan achieved a new level of excellence interpreting a masterful overture and maintaining throughout an excitement and organic sense of the work with a complete control of the stage”

Opera Actual – Eduardo Brandenburger
NABUCCO – Cape Town Opera   - 5/03


“Kamal Khan is a conductor very sensitive to the singers needs and he revealed a sure understanding of the structure of the piece”

Cape Times – Deon Irish
NABUCCO – Cape Town Opera – 5/03  


“The Cape Town Philharmonic was smoking hot under the direction of American conductor Kamal Khan:”

World Online Tiscali – Mathew du Plessis
LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR – Cape Town Opera – 6/03


“The Balearic Islands Symphony Orchestra, adapted in it’s numbers to the conditions of the pit, proved in a brilliant performance it’s interpretative qualities with which it highlighted the masterful composition qualities of Verdi who’s orchestration of this opera is surely his best. The Orchestra underlined in perfect balance the vocal line footnoting descriptively the expressions of the singers. Kamal Khan proved himself once more as a wonderful conductor, knowledgeable in every detail of the score, who knew how to excellently compenetrate the voices and the orchestra, applying a notable rhythm in the tempi as well as in the gradations of volume and expressiveness”

Diario Insular – Vicente Macian
FALSTAFF – Menorca – 6/01


“Kamal Khan conducted the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra in a musically charged performance.  He kept a good balance between singers and orchestra throughout”

Cape Argus - Carl Fourie
PORGY AND BESS - Cape Town Opera – 5/01


“The whole musical aspect was wonderful, conducted by Kamal Khan with meticulousness and above all passion, transforming the score into an intelligible discourse loaded with emotion. There was cohesion not just simple coordination, participating in the same interpretative intensity were the orchestra, soloists and chorus”

Ultima Hora - EmiliGené
MEFISTOFELE - Palma de Mallorca – 2/01


“The Baleares Symphony Orchestra masterfully conducted by maestro Kamal Khan, a great maestro, he feels the music profoundly and knows how to transmit to the whole orchestra all the he felt and carried within him”

Diari de Balears – Joanantonia Guiló
MEFISTOFELE – Palma de Mallorca– 2/01


“The star of the evening was, without a doubt, the orchestra and chorus under the expert conducting of Kamal Khan, precise and atentive to the minutest detail to recognize the different lyrical moments in the score, as well as the big choral scenes, producing moments of important climaxes.”

Opera Actual - Pere Bujosa
MEFISTOFELE - Palma de Mallorca– 2/01


“The conducting of Kamal Khan was a real luxury.”

Opera Actual – Roger Alier
LA FAVORITA - Pamplona – 6/00


“Kamal Khan revealed himself as an indisputable maestro of conducting; there was not even the most minimum maladjustment; his authority was complete; his security a guarantee for the whole cast”

Diario de Noticias -  
LA FAVORITA – Pamplona – 6/00


“And our symphony orchestra under the direction of Kamal Khan, who with a valiant baton, became the principal protagonist of the evening.  He provided us with a new richness of sound in the orchestra while adjusting its potency to the vocal characteristics of the singers “

Diario de Mallorca – Aguilo de Caceres
TOSCA – Palma de Mallorca – 3/00


“Kamal Khan obtained the best sound from the orchestra with a clear and tight interpretation of the work, always sure and very attentive to the stage”

Opera Actual –
TPSCA – Palma de Mallorca – 3/00


“The Arthur Rubenstein Orchestra of Poland showed itself to be very ductile and of a homogeneous quality, under the baton of the young American conductor, Kamal Khan, who knew how to give a variety of accents and shades to the score while carefully supporting the singers at all time”

Scherzo – Diario de Jerez – Ignacio Sanchez Quiros
LA BOHEME – Jerez, Spain – 1/00


“ The pianist, the extremely elegant Kamal Khan, also collaborated in this refined interpretation of the musical selections, which kept coming one after another with his unequaled capacity to accompany while at the same time highlighting the piano part with a special brilliance”

La Vanguardia – Roger Alier
JUAN PONS - Recital - Teatro Liceu, Barcelona – 1/00


“The Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife led by the extraordinary maestro Kamal Khan, a model that sustained the complex scene, was the maximum figure of the opera, and executed a rich version of the overture and preludes with an uncommon purity. His flexible baton, vigorous and rotund, commands with great talent; we consider him the best, by far, of all of those who have conducted with so much wisdom our orchestra interpreting this fabulous genre: the opera.”

La Opinion de Tenerife – Julio Ray
LA TRAVIATA – Tenerife- 11/99


“Guest conductor Kamal Khan overflowed with knowledge, control and above all an intelligent reading of the score, to the point of bringing out colors and nuances in the orchestration that for many other conductors don’t seem to exist”

La Jornada – Pablo Espinosa

LE NOZZE DI FIGARO – Bellas Artes, Mexico City – 7/99


“ Something that has also gotten notably better is the orchestra.  And in Mozart everything is noticeable. It is clear that this time we counted with the participation of Kamal Khan, a first rate conductor of exquisite musicality”

La Reforma - Lazaro Azar
Le nozze di Figaro – Bellas Artes, Mexico City – 7/99


“Regarding the orchestra of the Teatro Bellas Artes, it must be said that it was stimulated by the profound knowledge of the score on the part of the conductor Kamal Khan , which notably benefited the sound the surged from the pit.  Let’s hope that the orchestra keeps this new infusion of energy in its batteries”

La Jornada – Juan Arturo Brennan
LE NOZZE DI FIGARO – Bellas Artes, Mexico City – 7/99


“This time the guest conductor was Kamal Khan who managed to impart energy to the almost always lackluster orchestra which made this presentation one of the best of the last years.”

La Cronica - Martha Batiz Zuk
LE NOZZE DI FIGARO – Bellas Artes, Mexico City – 7/99


“With meticulous attention Kamal Khan conducted the forces of stage and pit accompanying the singers with precision while allowing the necessary orchestral colors and tempi to come through” 

El Universal - Raul Diaz
LE NOZZE DI FIGARO – Bellas Artes, Mexico City – 7/99


“The guest conductor was the young American Kamal Khan, who was assistant to James Levine at the Metropolitan Opera: one must say that he was the best part of the evening; knowledgeable of the Mozartean style, he conducted with elegance and with a good balance with the singers”  

El Heraldo - Maria Teresa Castrillon
LE NOZZE DI FIGARO – Bellas Artes, Mexico City – 7/99


“The Symphony Orchestra of the Baleares, magnificently conducted by the maestro Kamal Khan, very given even in the most minute details, was splendid, underlining with pomp and splendor the wind and percussion passages and detailing perfectly the pizzicatti that decorate the oriental flavored motifs”

Scherzo - Deseado Mercadal
Turandot – Menorca- Spain – 6/99


“Kamal Khan demonstrated detailed knowledge of the work and conducted with authority, effectively coordinating the complex participation of all the forces with precision and rhythm”

Diario Insular - V M
Turandot – Menorca – Spain - 6/99


“Kamal Khan directed the performance and drew from the Balearic Symphony Orchestra a fine account of Puccini’s adventurous score”

Diario Insular - Ray Fleming
Turandot – Menorca  - Spain – 6/ 99


“The fun and varied recital counted with the magnificent enhancement of an exceptionalaccompanist: the pianist Kamal Khan, without equal in elegance and efficacy, shades and colors of exquisite execution in everything he played, accompanying impeccably the extensive opera passages which he knows by memory”

La Vanguardia – Roger Aliert
Recital Ainoha Arteta / Juan Pons – Palau de Congressos de Andorra, Andorra – 5/99


“With the accompaniment of a spectacular maestro Kamal Khan”

Scherzo – I.F.P.
Concert Galina Gorchakova– Teatro Municipal, Sao Paulo, Brazil – 5/99


“Accompanied by a spirited maestro, Kamal Khan, at the podium”.  

Folha de Sao Paulo – Irineu Franvo Perpetuo
Concert Galina Gorchakova – Teatro Municipal, Sao Paulo, Brazil –  5/99  


“Kamal Khan moved with experience throughout the whole score, his direction was clear, with variety of contrastsand attained from the young orchestra the timbre and flexibility necessary to keep the public at a high level of interest. The interpretation resulted, above all, comunicative.”

Scherzo – Blas Cortes
Tales of Hoffmann – Palau de la Musica de Valencia, Spain – 12/98  


“The young American conductor Kamal Khan was able to transmit the fundamental essence of this score, which he seems to know profoundly.  He conducted the Orchestra Sinfonica del Mediterraneo very efficaciously“

Opera Actual – F G-R
Tales of Hoffmann – Palau de la Musica de Valencia, Spain – 12/98
“Kamal Khan is an excellent conductor.  He governed the Symphony of Galicia”

La Voz de Galicia
Carmen  - La Coruna, Spain – 11/98


“Kamal Khan conducted the excellent Symphony Orchestra ofGalicia, realizing a notable reading with a very personal concept in tempo of the toreador and fatality themes”

Scherzo – Julio Andrade Malde
Carmen – La Coruna , Spain – 11/98


“Conductor Kamal Khan (wunderkind of James Levine’s Metropolitan Opera) gave the maximum for the success of the score”

San Juan Star – Mark Staebler
Il Trovatore – Teatro de la Opera de Puerto Rico – 10/98


“The Puerto Rico Symphony, under the baton of Kamal Khan, fulfilled their duty from the pit with a high spirit of professionalism”

El Nuevo Dia – Eduardo Kusnir
Il Trovatore – Teatro de la Opera de Puerto Rico – 10/98


“Kamal Khan, an outstanding conductor from America, performed excellently and boldly, maintaining a high vitality from the beginning to the end of the concert”

China Daily – Wu Liping
Beijing Symphony Concert – Beijing Hall – 9/98


“Conducted by the impeccable baton of Kamal Khan, who we can qualify without any doubt as the best young conductor in the world”

Diari de Balears – Jaime Galmés
Mefistofele – Palma de Mallorca – 7/98


“Lastly, let us underline doubly the conductor Kamal Khan for his zealous and purposeful work before the Symphony of the Baleares”

Diario de Mallorca – Aguilo de Caceres
Mefistofele – Palma de Mallorca – 7/98


“Conductor Kamal Khan’s dynamic direction produced a sterling performance from the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, notable in the overture to La Forza del Destino”

The Cape Times – BeverleyBrommert
Concert – Cape Town Opera –6/98


“And then there was the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, impassionedly squeezing every drop of feeling out of Bellini’s writing that was possible.  Subtle changes between major and minor modes, gnawing discords, chromaticisms and the like were all fully exploited under the baton of Kamal Khan.  There was an acceptance of the role of the orchestra in bel-canto writing and instead of trying to dominate or dictate the odds, it submitted to supportive underpining”

The Cape Argus – Carl Fourie
Norma - Cape Town Opera –  6/98


“A responsive Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra played with an energetic verve which reflected the wholly dedicated approach of Kamal Khan. He ensured that the music moved inexorably to it’s fiery conclusion, even through its undeniably less inspired ones”

OPERA – Barry Smith
Norma- Cape Town Opera – 6/98


“The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra played well under the baton of the young American conductor Kamal Khan.  He succeeded in utilizing the dramatic elements in the score to support the business on stage and to employ the melancholic melodies to suggest the tender moments in the score”

Die Burger – Mar-Ann van Rensburg
Norma - Cape Town Opera– 6/98


“ The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra played well throughout. The overture reflected good inter play between various woodwinds. Strings were strong and an obvious drive was present.  Powerful dynamic variations were evident, as was a sensitivity to the wide palette of emotions.  Conductor Kamal Khan is to be congratulated on their performance”

The Cape Argus – Carl Fourie
Cosi Fan Tutte  - Cape Town Opera- 4/98


“Assistant to James Levine of the Metropolitan Opera, Kamal Khan revealed himself as a histrionic conductor and excellent accompanist, using always very comfortable tempos for the singers.  Under his direction the Orchestra showed its technical evolution.”

Folha de Sao Paulo – Irineu Franco Perpetuo
Concert June Anderson and Juan Pons – Teatro Municipal – Sau Paulo, Brazil –4/98


“ US conductor Kamal Khan was a delight.  Never rushing his tempi, allowing one to savor Verdi’s glorious melodies and supporting his singers with the orchestra as well as a conductor can, he displayed refined musical taste and professionalism”

Jerusalem Post – Uri Eppstein
Verdi Gala Concert - Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra -– 2/98


“A polished performance in which the enthusiasm of handsome young conductor Kamal Khan infected his orchestral musicians and choristers who revelled in the music and the occasion. As well they might”

Cape Times – Fiona Chisholm
Great Opera Choruses Concert - Cape Town Opera –  1/ 98


“ The orchestra was conducted by New York’s Metropolitan Opera wunderkind Kamal Khan, who manages by force of spirit to get the tired musicians in the pit to actually sit up and play”

The San Juan Star -  Mark Saebler
Tales of Hoffman –Teatro de la Opera de Puerto Rico –11/97


“The musical direction was under Maestro Kamal Khan, who in charge of the Symphony Orchestra of Puerto Rico did a commendable job.  There were no maladjustments. On the contrary, good coordination and correctness prevailed at all times.”    

El Nuevo Dia – Eduardo Kusnir
Tales of Hoffman  - Teatro de la Opera de Puerto Rico – 11/97


“The orchestra of the Teatro Municipal conducted by the American maestro Kamal Khan offered a refined sonority which brought out all the nuances in the score”

L’Opera – Norberto Modena
Cavelleria Rusticana / I Pagliacci –Opera de Rio de Janeiro –9/97


“ The famous intermezzo showed the orchestra to be in good form under the direction of Kamal Khan”

O Globo – Luiz Paulo Horta
Cavalleria Rusticana / I Pagliacci -Opera de Rio de Janiero – 9/97


“ The orchestra on their part offered selections… all played magnificently and with completely accurate conducting by Kamal Khan.  One must say of this young conductor that he showed himself with extraordinary professionalism”

El Dia – Jose Antonio Fernandez C.
Concert Dmitri Hvorostovsky -Teatro de Bellas Artes -  Mexico City– 8/97


“Musically speaking the arias and duos for soprano and tenor were excellently interpreted under the direction of Kamal Khan, who makes his debut in Bogota.  Knowledgeable of his work, the young conductor gave precise entrances and at no time did he overpower the soloists. His conducting was clear”

El Espectador – Richard Chotzen
Tosca – Teatro Colón - Bogotá, Colombia 7/97


“Possibly the biggest surprise was the conducting of Kamal Khan who finally made the orchestra of the opera of Colombia sound descently, and especially with a composer like Puccini who requires a conscientious reading of his works, not only for the singers but for the whole team”

L’Opera – Andres Acuna
Tosca - Teatro Colón - Bogota, Colombia7/97    


“The orchestra also was in sparkling form with sumptuous tone and crisp ensemble under the direction of American conductor Kamal Khan, who throughout showed understanding and obvious love of the score”

OPERA – Barry Smith
Lucia di Lammermoor – Cape Town Opera – 5/97


“The CTPO under the compelling baton of Kamal Khan played with distinction.  Khan who is on the staff of the Metropolitan Opera House, nurtures a stylish reading of the lovely score from a generally well balanced and assured orchestra, with tempi suitably urgent for much of the action and not without moments of languid beauty.”

Cape Times - Deon Irish
Lucia di Lammermoor -Cape Town Opera – 5/97


“The Cape Town Philharmonic under Kamal Khan did themselves proud with good playing all around.  There was an urgency in their playing which was pleasing to note.”

Cape Argus – Carl Fourie
Lucia di Lammermoor - Cape Town Opera –  5/97


“ a gravitating factor for the success of the evening was the excellent work of the young conductor Kamal Khan …..  “After the vibrant overture of La Forza del Destino, expressed with the accents and the expansion of the Verdian style, the baton was energetic and precise with clear concepts over the tempi and styles of each work, and over it’s subordinates, especially over the singers, allowing the necessary ration of measure not to fall in certain vulgarities frequently seen in these kind of lyric concerts “ That is why one can justly talk of an evening where dignity sobriety and musical seriousness were predominant” 

La Nacion – Juan Carlos Montero
Concert June Anderson and Juan Pons -Teatro Colon - Buenos Aires - 4/97


 “The conductor Kamal Khan, who also accompanied the baritone at the piano in a composition by Guastavino was a very correct director”

El Clarin – Armando M. Rapallo
Concert June Anderson and Juan Pons -Teatro Colon – Buenos Aires – 4/97


"Once again Kamal Khan revealed himself as one of the most imaginative and attentive accompanists to have appeared on the stage of the “Palau de la Musica” in a very long time"

AVUI – Xavier Cester
Recital Juan Pons – Palau de la Musica – Barcelona – 6/96


“One must point out the excellent accompaniment of Kamal Khan, a great virtuoso at the service of the soloists, whom he guides with professionalism and dominion of the two instruments: the piano and the voice”

RITMO – Jaume Radigales
Recital Iolna Tokody and Juan Pons – Palau de la Musica – Barcelona – 11/95


"The orchestra was not missed, such was the magnificent job of the pianist, Kamal Khan, from the Metropolitan Opera; as a mater of fact he resembles more a conductor than a simple accompanist. Instead of an overture, Khan transported us to the world of the 19th Century bourgeois salons with his arrangements of the melodies of the day, with a virtuoso improvisation on I Lombardi."

AVUI - Xavier Cester
Recital Ilona Tokody and Juan Pons - Palau de la Musica - Barcelona - 11/95


"Kamal Khan showed the qualities of a genuine musical director: clarity, precision, stimulus, appropriate emphasis, capacity of coordination, to which, as well as the singers and chorus, the orchestra responded in a commendable manner"

Diario Insular - Vicente Macian
Marina - Menorca - 5/95


"The young pianist Kamal Khan, shared in the triumph of the evening, he demonstrated a complete dominion of the instrument with which he accompanied to perfection the baritone's voice"

El Iris – Tino Pons
Recital Juan Pons - Mahon - Menorca - 5/94


"With difficulty would Juan Pons have found such an expressive collaborator, so technically irreproachable and so identified with the task that is incumbent upon a master of the keyboard, who must reach the perfect synchronization with a prestigious singer as is Kamal Khan"

Ultima Pagina – Deseado Mercadal
Recital w/Juan Pons - Palma de Mallorca - 5/94


"Kamal Khan at the piano, accompanied the baritone with great mastery of interpretation"

Insular- Deseado Mercadal
Recital w/Juan Pons - Teatro Des Born - Ciutadella- Menorca - 5/94


"The young pianist, Kamal Khan, offered a delicate and elegant interpretation in the maximum role an accompanist can become: indispensable presence, yet discreet"

El Pais - Aranzazu Miro
Recital w/Juan Pons – Teatro Principal - Palma de Mallorca - 5/94