A feature-length documentary winner of the 2014 EMMY for best cultural program introduced by Grammy award-winning bass-baritone Eric Owens and follows three of the opera students through a year in the program.  Two decades after Mandela's election some of the world's brightest new opera stars are emerging from the black townships of South Africa.  When the University of Cape Town's once all white opera school opened its doors to black students after apartheid, a wave of remarkable talent came in.  This documentary musical follows three students from their home townships to Cape Town where they perform at the country's premier opera house, to New York where they sing at the prestigious Glimmerglass Festival.  Along the way they confront everything from tuberculosis and racial politics to their parents' fears that music is not a suitable career.


: The Voices of South Arica 

A film on the power of music that raises hope and vision of three opera singers who come from the townships of Cape Town. Their courageous voices are crossing borders in every sense despite the ups and downs of life.

First prize for SINGING FOR LIFE at the SOLELUNA Festival 2012, Palermo, in the category “Out of Med”

SINGING FOR LIFE has won the special price for “programmes that effect social change”
at the PRIX ITALIA 2011

Shortlisted at the GOLDEN PRAGUE FESTIVAL 2011